Beginning iOS Development

Course No. 10-152-143

Week 9

Lecture Notes


  • Read
    • Chapters 10 and 11
  • Code and turn in all of the following.
    • Chapter 10: Code the continuation of the project named “Homepwner”. First make a copy of the complete version from chapter 8. The project still needs to be named Homepwner so you will probably need to use directories to organize this. We will be making several versions of Homepwner and you need to keep all of them for archiving. Use Modern Objective C for all code and follow the chapter 10 notes above. Don’t print any files until you are done with the challenge.
    • Chapter 10: Code the Bronze Challenge on page 217 of the paper book.
    • Chapter 10: Print the following files for submission once you have completed the challenge.
      • ItemsViewController.m
      • BNRItemStore.h
      • BNRItemStore.m
    • Chapter 11: Make a copy of the chapter 10 solution for “Homepwner”. Continue the project with the above chapter 11 notes.
      • ItemsViewController.m
      • DetailViewController.h
      • DetailViewController.m
      • ItemEditViewController.h
      • ItemEditViewController.m
    • Complete Proper Names — Part 2.