Beginning iOS Development

Course No. 10-152-143

Week 10

Lecture Notes


  • Read
    • Chapter 12
  • Code and turn in all of the following.
    • Chapter 12: Code the continuation of the project named “Homepwner”. First make a copy of the complete version from chapter 11. Use Modern Objective C for all code and follow the chapter 12 notes above. Don’t print any files until you are done with the challenges.
    • Chapter 12: Code the Bronze Challenge on page 257 of the paper edition. Hint: You will need to read the documentation for the UIImagePickerController class.
    • Chapter 12: Code the Silver Challenge on page 257 of the paper edition.
    • Chapter 12: Print the following files for submission once you have completed both of the challenges.
      • BNRImageStore.h
      • BNRImageStore.m
      • DetailViewController.m
      • ItemEditViewController.h
      • ItemEditViewController.m
    • Complete Proper Names — Part 3.
    • Complete Random Numbers.