Beginning iOS Development

Course No. 10-152-143

Deploying to Your iDevice — Part 1

Obtaining your UDID

  • Launch Xcode
  • Open the Organizer window by selecting the Window→Organizer menu item.

  • Click on the Devices tab.

  • Plug your device (that’s what we call iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches) into your computer.
  • After a bit your device should show up in the list on the left. If if doesn’t happen automatically, click on the row that shows your device.

  • If you see a button in the big panel on the right labelled Use for Development, click on it. Wait for Xcode to finish this step.
  • When the previous step has completed you should see something like this. It will be very similar, but not exactly like this.

  • Double-click on the Identifier. It’s the very long one, not the Serial Number. Once it’s highlighted copy it. The is your device’s UDID (Universal Device Identifier).

  • Paste it into an email that you will send to me. The email needs to contain these items:
    • Your name.
    • The UDID.
    • The type of your device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch).
    • The email address you used to register with Apple as a developer.
  • Send this email to my address: with a Subject of Deployment.
  • That’s it for Part 1. Stay tuned.