iOS Development

Course No. 10-152-139

Week 14

Lecture Notes


  • Code and turn in all of the following.
    • Code the project named “Quiz” that is the whole point of this exercise. Follow the lecture notes. The app must be coded with Modern Objective C. You must show the running app to your instructor during class or before class in office hours. Print the XXXViewController.m file and turn it in with the rest of the weeks printouts.
    • Complete Assignment w14-1.

Final Semester Project

Using anything you learned this semester, create an iOS application applying what you learned. Consider using the last couple of iOS Apps we created in class as a template. The world is your oyster! You will be demonstrating your project next week in class. Your grade will be based on the following:

  • Having a Completed and running iOS application.
  • Demonstrating the application in the iOS simulator to the class.
  • Walking through the project code with the class.