iOS Development

Course No. 10-152-139

Assignment w13-1

  1. Create a new iOS Single View Application project named Assignment-w13-1. Use Modern Objective-C for this project.
  2. Write an app that will allow the user to enter strings that will be added to a list of strings.
  3. When the app launches it should look like this.

    • The text field should have some placeholder text.
    • The large text area is a UITextView that should be set to be uneditable.
  4. When the text field is tapped the keyboard will slide up and allow text entry.

  5. When the return key is tapped the string entered into the text field will be appended to the list of strings in the text view. There is no array of strings, just append the new text to the text that’s already in the text view.

  6. After the button is tapped, and the new string is appended to the list, the keyboard will slide back down.

  7. When the Clear button is tapped, the text in the text view will be deleted and the app will look like it did when launched.

  8. Show the running app to your instructor.
  9. Print the app’s ViewController.h and ViewController.m files for submission.